Long and solid filaments usually utilized in brush and brush fabricating enterprises. The firm, straight and long strands of fiber are named bristle fiber or brush fiber.

The fundamental grade of fiber is known as 1Tiefibre. This is then additionally hackled and arranged into 2Tie and 3Tie in view of the length of strands and the overall state of filaments.

The item is applied in brush and brush producing enterprises. Other than that for preparing blends, assembling of extraordinary channels, coir twine and so forth.


  • It is a natural and sustainable material.
  • It is resistant to rot, mold, and mildew.
  • Ideal choice for outdoor applications such as doormats and erosion control.
  • Water-resistant and are eco-friendly.
  • Easy to process and can be formed into different shapes, such as ropes, brushes, and mats.