Coconut husks are chipped into small sized chips called Coco Chips. Coco Chips are added to potting soil or mixed with Coco Peat to regulate the aeration of growing medium and maintain the ideal air to moisture ratio for the plant roots. Widely popular among Orchid and Anthurium growers as the ideal growing medium, Coco Chips can be mixed at different proportions with Coco Peat to regulate the aeration and moisture level of the growing medium.


  • Lasts longer than bark with no degradation.
  • Very clean, unilorm and no wastage.
  • Wet coconut husk chips hold water and air like a sponge.
  • Excellent drainage, high cation exchange capacity (CEC).
  • Cuts down fertilizer application up to 30%.
  • Prevents stress after repotting.